Nabla Summer 2019 Denude makeup collection

We present a preview of the new version of the Denude Nabla Summer 2019 collection, with vibrant and bright colors and super glow textures!

The new Denude Estate 2019 line starts from the bronze and metallic gleams of the Nabla Denude Summer 2018 makeup collection. Includes two Cutie Palette eye palettes with 6 eyeshadows, two ultra sparkling and sexy lip glosses and a set of eye brushes enclosed in an elegant golden clutch. Just the gold color is the protagonist of the collection, together with the coral red.

As with the various Nabla cosmetics, even in this case all the products in the collection are strictly vegan and cruelty free ! Can’t wait to learn more about the Nabla collection make up Summer 2019? Let’s find out!


Nabla’s new entry for eye make-up is two delicious palettes in a handy pocket size, perfect to keep always in your bag and in your holiday suitcase! Moreover, thanks to the maxi mirror included, they allow you to touch up the make-up whenever necessary. The pallets include 6 nuances in pressed powder formulated to offer maximum writing, softness on the eyelids and high pigmentation.

The first palette that we present is Nude , with brilliant colors declined in three finishes : the beloved satin , refined and bright; metal foil , creamy and adherent like a foil and shiny like metal; latex matte , opaque with an almost wet effect. Here are the nuances in detail:

  • Moonlight, duochrome cream with peach and golden reflections, satin finish;
  • Seducer, mauve color with pink and gold reflections, finish metal foil;
  • Latex Nude, rose with taupe undertones, latex matte finish;
  • No Doubts, chocolate brown, latex matte finish;
  • Glorious, light golden bronze, finish metal foil;
  • Plastick, black, latex matte finish.

The twin is Coral , openly inspired by the magnificent colors of the underwater world . The six eye shadows have different textures and finishes, going from full-bodied super matte to very bright metal foil , celestial and fluid metal , with brilliant and multi-faceted reflections. These are the shades of the Cutie Palette Coral of the Nabla Denude collection Summer 2019:

  • I Got You, light pink duochrome with magenta and coral reflections, finish metal foil;
  • Red Shape, intense coppery red fire, satin finish;
  • Anyway, deep brown coffee, super matte finish;
  • Mandarin, mandarin orange, celestial finish;
  • Feelings, fluorescent and bright coral pink, super matte finish;
  • Coral Amber, golden bronze color, fluid metal finish.


What is summer without volumized lips, shiny and wet with a veil of color and light? To give us this timeless makeup look are the new Shine Theory lip glosses from the Nabla Denude summer collection, rich in ultra-reflective particles and with a golden glow.

The formula promises to keep the lips moist and soft without making them sticky, for a very natural plumpy effect . Those who cannot give up lipstick can try Nabla lip gloss as a top coat, to give a spark of brilliance! The two colors included in the Denude collection are the following:

  • After sex, coral pink base with golden particles;
  • Champagne Supernova, transparent base enriched with sparkles gold, bronze, platinum, and peach.

We show the yield on the lips of the Aftersex lip gloss of the Nabla Denude Summer 2019 collection, with a true mirror shine!


The look, including eyebrows, will have no more secrets once mastered the art of make-up , thanks to the new set of Nabla Denude eye brushes ! Elegant and feminine thanks to the nude rosé color of the handles and the mesh micro-clutch, the set contains six brushes with synthetic bristles, designed to ensure maximum comfort during the application of makeup. Here are the new Nabla brushes in detail:

  • Large blender, for broad shades and application and shading of creamy and powdered products;
  • Soft dab & smudge, for applying eyeshadow to the eyelid;
  • Pointed crease, ideal for making smokey eyes looks and fine shades;
  • Liner & brows, for eyebrows and for graphics applications with liquid or cream eyeliner;
  • Precision soft crease, designed to blend and give depth to the eyelid fold;
  • Lashline smudger, for corrections on the face and shades at the lash line.


To always have with us our must-haves for summer makeup, the ideal is a soft, compact and precious-looking clutch like the new Denude by Nabla, covered with sparkling gold sequins!

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