Decathlon 2019 Costumes: Photos and Prices

Decathlon 2019 costumes are designed for the sporty woman and designed to offer maximum support and comfort. In addition to the classic triangle models , there are also full wrapping and modeling costumes , bandeau costumes and brassiere .

Ready to discover in preview all the new Decathlon costumes 2019?


Decathlon women’s costumes have a sporty design and guarantee maximum support in the water. All Decathlon swimsuits are composed of push-up bras with underwire and padding, or rounded tops with double adjustment and a wide elastic under the breast.

The briefs are, on the other hand, high-waisted or medium- waisted high- cut shoes. However, there are plenty of culottes that cover the hips, enhance the buttocks and have a drawstring at the waist.


The triangle models of the Decathlon collection of women’s costumes are characterized by high-waisted basic briefs, but also by proposals with thin side straps . The tops range from classic models with back lacing to bras with porthole openings on the back and adjustable straps .

Among the novelties we find the Olayan shorts half-thigh-long and with elastic. In addition, all Decathlon swimsuits feature multicolored geometric prints, tropical-inspired flowers, and Maori motifs.


The Decathlon band bikinis feature fixed padding, side underwire, removable crew necklaces, and bow or hook fastenings.

These two-piece costumes of the brand are also complemented by briefs in combination with an internal lining and available as a leg , or, with laces.


The brassières have removable padding and are reminiscent of sports bras because the breast is completely covered on the front and well supported. The shoulders and the back, on the other hand, are free and characterized by adjustable crossed straps.

The whole Decathlon costumes are feminine, although the design has been patented to tackle surf waves. All the proposals are without underwire and detailed with V-neck and integrated cups, and recall the proposals seen in the costumes catalog Zara .

Among the novelties, the entire modeling model stands out, featuring a 360 ° covering on the belly, an integrated top and straight and wide shoulder straps for optimal wrapping.


The Decathlon sports costumes have been patented for swimming in the pool and are characterized by having crossed straps, abstract multicolored or color block prints.


The swimming costumes Decathlon can resist chlorine and have a sporty design, high leg cut , thin shoulders and openings on the back.

Among the novelties, we find the Decathlon short costume, long in the middle of the thigh and with a Y back, and the whole model with a removable skirt, ideal not only for the pool but also for surfing.

Costumes Bershka 2019: Photos and Prices of all models.

The Bershka 2019 costumes have a bold and vintage style at the same time. Knotted and high-waisted bikinis give way to one-piece swimsuits lace up . The animal, the leopard to python through the zebra , approaches fluorescent colorsand prints squares . However no shortage clothes for the sea,  beach bags and sunglasses .

Let’s discover together all the new arrivals of the Bershka beachwear catalog!


Animal prints characterize the new Bershka bikinis . The brassiere leopard have adjustable straps . Instead the python tops have a knot in front and cross on the back . The briefs proposed in combination, high waisted and Brazilian , feature crossed strings on the hips.

There is a strong appeal to the 80s fashion, which we find in the fluorescent pink bikinis with a band top with removable shoulder straps and a high- cut panty with micro rings on the thin strips.


Among the Bershka summer 2019 costumes, we find several solid color proposals with micro pleats, bows and gathered edges. This is the case of the new Bershka bandeau costumes without padding combined with adjustable briefs with places declined in black, military green and rust.


The Bershka costumes 2019 catalog gives a nod to animal prints , from zebra stripes on caliber models to green python on the whole with a V-neck that tiesaround the neck. Black or colored ? Among the latest innovations there is space for several simple proposals, such as the Bershka one-piece swimsuits with straps and solid colors.

Among the most classic we notice the models with crossed back and laces. Or return to the vintage style with the ribbed workmanship combined with a brick red shade!


The lovers of the costumes in two sports pieces prezzeranno models from bra to shoulder tops or with details cut out paired with slip normal or high waist . Not just plain! A tropical pattern on pink and purple gives an extra touch to the look!

But those who do not want to go unnoticed will choose the Olympic costume with a round opening, reflective lettering, and a highlighter yellow background.

The dungaree dresses short skirt with jeans and cotton printed with checkered gingham red are among the proposals beachwear Bershka. The culotte suit features the cut-out detail and all-over stripes ideal for the holidays.

For the beach, the brand has created wide leg pants with a bell-shaped bottom with a tie-dye effect. The Pencil skirts, already seen in a collection Bershka dress with pleated feature palms stylized on fluorescent orange base.

Zara Costumes 2019: whole Beach Fashion Catalog

The Zara costumes collection 2019 is characterized by the use of prints with multicolored designs, leopard motifs and tie-dyes that liven up not only bikinis but also whole models. However, there are plenty of beachwear proposals that range from pareos to beachwear, to long dresses to shorts.

Having said that we have to discover in preview all the new beachwear Zadar.


The Zara costumes 2019 collection is characterized by the use of  animal printsand glitter fabrics  . The Zara bikini are both triangle without underwire and with drawcord, both end  with removable padding  and detail of curl at the front.

However, there is no shortage of tops with adjustable thin shoulder straps and models with wide shoulder straps. Among the novelties, instead, we find the Zara costume with tie-dye print by the Recycled Capsule Collection, which includes a top with wide shoulder straps and a classic double-faced slip.


The Zara one-piece swimsuits are without padding or underwire. The necklines are both round and halter , as in the proposal with multi-colored print and shoulder lacing. In addition, there are bandeau swimsuits with detail of slits along all sides, and models with teardrop openings on the front.

The Zara one-piece swimsuit in color block, on the other hand, impresses us with its particular double porthole opening that embellishes both the front and the back.

The Zara beachwear line includes long dresses printed with a flared line, midi dresses with a V-neck, three-quarter sleeves and flounces with embroidery, up to tunics with a fluid fabric, reminiscent of the other proposals seen in the Zara clothing catalog. An example is the Zara cover-up with batwing sleeves, the application of beads and the detail of contrasting embroidered finishes.

Among the novelties, the Zara pareo stands out, a monochrome scarf made of mixed linen and wool fabric with frayed edges. Furthermore, the beachwear line is enriched with light wash denim shorts, knitted Bermuda shorts with elasticated waist and wide trousers in pleated or linen fabric.

2019 Whole Costumes: the 100 best of the summer

The first female costume in history, born well before the bikinis, the entire swimsuithas been cleared through the last few years and has returned to the fore, more modern, fashion and bold than ever.

We have collected for you a selection of whole items of all kinds, from sports to sexy, the most beautiful of the summer!


One-piece swimsuit can also be a weapon of seduction . Deep necklines and cut-out finishes make this model sensual and provocative , especially the one-piece thong costume ! Directly from the California beaches of Baywatch, even the full-  length swimsuit is back in fashion , which becomes even more daring thanks to the foliage prints .

Among the trends of this season emerges the leopard and the whole bustier costumes, models that recall the corsets of the ladies of other times reinterpreted in a sexy key for the modern girl who wants an unforgettable outfit for the sea.


Colorful and floral prints is another fashion trend that is the protagonist of summer. Whole sea costumes with striped patterns  alternate with more casual models, with  tropical prints , with palm leaves and exotic flowers.

Nautical ropes, crochet work, and transparent lace inserts give unique and original touches! We can choose the most suitable model for our body: Bardot neckline or deep V-neck for the very young or those with little breasts.


Strapless or suspenders one-piece swimsuit is a must to leave the shoulders completely uncovered and a homogeneous tan. A tan without costume marks and a sinuous beach outfit. We can choose between models with belts, knots, but above all, sweetheart necklines and wide necklines on the back.

Do not miss the swimsuit with ruffles, a trend in line with the dictates of the fashion of the moment.


Many women do not like to wear a padded swimsuit because, after a swim in the sea or in the pool, they are weighed down by water and therefore uncomfortable. In order not to renounce to the support, you can opt for one-piece swimsuits with underwire.

With the fantasies we can indulge ourselves, from the classic Vichy to the striped prints, passing through solid colors with unusual decorations.


Black is an evergreen, not only because it is the silhouette but also because it is extremely refined. We find many models, with romantic with frills and ruffles, the most daring lace-up imitation version bustier, details cut out and sequins!

The swimsuits shaping of belly and hips are decorated cups performed and special panels lace floral! While the most sophisticated black interiors have laces in a similar corset version.


A dynamic and sprint monokini. The one-shoulder dress plays with asymmetries and is characterized by openings on the sides that make this one-piece swimsuit unique. Ruffles, jewel details and laser cuts complete the style of this particular model.


The red one-piece swimsuit is suitable for sexy but elegant looks ! The color of passion not only highlights the tan but also adapts to all complexions . Deep V-necks , gathers and lace appliqués enhance the sensual character of the models.

Brazilian one-piece costumes enhance the silhouette by stretching the legs and sculpting the B side! Even the back is highlighted by deep openings and crossing of laces.


The deep and generous V- neckline is extremely feminine and refined, even in the whole swimsuit. Belts, ruffles, and bows make this model original, without affecting practicality. They are in fact the ideal costumes for a day at the spa or for an evening by the sea.

The Mediterranean woman is busty . He makes his curves a strong point and knows how to enhance his curvy physique . Deep necklines and cups for those with big breasts , but also belts to mark the waist.

The most fancy full size swimsuits? Pin up style models , inspired by the model of a prosperous woman as was in vogue at the time of their success.

If you are interested in discovering the other models of one-piece swimsuits, we suggest you look at our article dedicated to the most beautiful curvy women’s costumes for the summer!


What is the best color to bring out the tan ? Obviously white. An ethereal nuance that will be noticed on the shoreline.

Styles range from the most simple without underwire cups it, up to the model’s design cross or special with knots, details cut out and profiling black!


Let us not forget that whole woman costumes are the ideal model for sportswomen. Those who practice a water sport – be it competitive swimming, synchronized swimming or water aerobics – need practicality. This is why the pool costumes are high-necked, perfectly adherent and without frills.


The new one-piece swimsuits transform the lacing around the neck so that it looks like top brasses. This model offers various possibilities and plays on particular necklines, both on the décolleté and on the back.

Costumes for curvy women 2019: the most beautiful models!

The perfect  curvy swimsuit  does not have to mark the hips and belly, it must make it look leaner and it must highlight the strengths of shapely women like the breasts.

Let’s discover together the novelties of comfortable beachwear designed for those who have a soft body and prosperous shapes, with a selection of the most beautiful summer plus size swimsuits!


The bikini is not to be excluded if you have a shapely silhouette, but the whole swimsuit is certainly the one that best shapes the silhouette.

A buttery body will be even sexier with the full costumes with deep necklines, which shape the waist but also highlight the décolleté. Cut-out details, belts, but also intertwined bows and laces make the whole swimsuit modeling and provocative at the same time.


Who said that a busty woman can’t wear a  bikini  or that she should always focus on black and dark colors to make the silhouette soar? Just choose the right model that can enhance a  generous neckline  to match a   comfortable, soft and  high-waisted slip  that is able to enhance the hips and waistline.

Among the new collections of curvy swimsuits, there are lots of bikinis – bandeau, with preformed or underwired cups – in pastel shades and even fancy, with a predilection for floral themes and for the tropical style, one of the most popular trends Seasonal.


Abundant and physical hourglass shapes are the hallmarks of prosperous women. Tankini and one-piece swimsuits follow the feminine curves softly supporting the burgeoning breasts of buttery women and highlighting the waist.

Monochrome, floral or geometric prints, drapes, crosses and shaping seams. There are so many options on the market, it’s just a matter of choosing which swimsuit will make us feel new.


The sweetheart neckline and the shell-shaped cups , especially if preformed or supported by the underwire, enhance the breast, while the softer bathing suits and tankini hide the stomach and hips.

The band model must have a push-up fit, with straps that support the décolleté. While the shaping seams of the one-piece swimsuits and the large flounces redefine the silhouette.


Not just tropical patterns and pastel-colored brushstrokes. Among the swimsuits for the summer of 2019, there is also a great must-have, the black swimsuit, both in bikini and monokini versions.

Costumes with brassiere or empire tops do not go unnoticed. While the two pieces focus on strategic models draped with high-waisted briefs.


Our selection of plus size swimsuits ends with costumes broken by the fashionable mood. Bikini with top with butterfly sleeves and high-waisted brief that almost look like tankinis, two-piece red costumes to enhance the tan during beach holidays.

Embroidery, navy strings and drapes make beachwear fashion for curvy women unique. Plenty of space for striped costumes or lively patterns,  micro-patterns with a bon ton taste or exotic flowers.


The costumes signed by  Marina Rinaldi, Elena Mirò and Violeta by Mango are on sale in the respective brand stores. Those who love shopping online can instead visit the e-commerce of Asos and Bonprix and buy the selection of swimsuits for large sizes.

We hope you enjoyed our selection of costumes for curvy women!