Black Bubble Snow Mascara: for full-volume lashes

Introducing Black Bubble, the new Neve Cosmetics volumizing mascara, which promises to give eyelashes length and volume never seen before!


A sensual look passes from the lashes, which must be black, long and defined. Is it possible to inflate the lashes like balloons? The brand new Neve Black Bubble mascara was created to maximize the lashes, making them very black and giving them extreme length, while remaining light.

The final effect promises to be scenographic and extra black, even on the shorter lashes, without any regret for the beautiful but not very comfortable false eyelashes.


The pack of black bubble mascara Neve Cosmetics is definitely noticeable: it has a conical shape and is chewing gum pink, with a glossed finish. The hourglass brush has flexible and multi-directional bristles: it is designed to capture even the shortest eyelashes and to stratify the product without pulling or creating lumps.


The vegetarian and vegan formulation is free of silicones, petrolatum, and parabens and is rich in black pigment, to make the lashes clearly visible even with more elaborate tricks. Moreover, it is enriched by:

  • Jojoba oil and gum arabic, with elasticizing power;
  • myrica fruit wax, to give structure to the eyelashes;
  • strawberry seed oil, with a restructuring action.
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